Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day Five

So I'm quite late in posting this one, but I'll be back on my regular schedule tonight.

Well I didn't quite get to bed as early as I'd hoped, or even close to as early as I'd hoped. I tried to go to bed, but a comment I read on the internet stuck with me and while I was laying there an entire response for my political blog wrote itself in my head. I couldn't sleep until I'd typed it out so I had to get up and do that. I only got 7 hours and 48 minutes, with a sad sleep quality of 70%.

Regardless, I did get to go on the walk that I wanted to do, and it wasn't too bad. I was completely bundled up so there was no question of me getting too cold. It did start snowing pretty heavily a few hours later, but it was clear when I went.

My first weigh in was 172 pounds, and at 6'2" I think it's pretty clear that I'm not doing this on the basis that I need to lose any weight.

Breakfast was a hamburger, and dinner consisted of chili.

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