Monday, January 27, 2014

Day Twenty-One

I should be back on time for tonight's blog on today's exploits, but let me just take the time now to get you caught up on yesterday, day 21.

In terms of exercise it wasn't a very good day. I didn't do much of any moving around, unfortunately. I got in my ten decline push-ups but that's the extent of it. Unfortunately we're covered in snow here and that doesn't really lend itself to doing anything, so I spent most of the day inside reading.

For breakfast I had bacon, and for dinner I went out with friends and ordered my usual salmon salad from the restaurant we went to. Unfortunately, they either changed the salmon salad, or they've got more than one and gave me the wrong one. The one I got was not as good as the one I usually get, and it also came with nuts on it. I believe they were pecans and since they blended in with the bacon I didn't realize until I started eating. So I inadvertently ate something that was not a part of the autoimmune protocol. I did say I wouldn't be perfect.

At any rate, I'll be back tonight with today's blog, so I'll see you then.

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