Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day Twenty

Well yesterday's blog is pretty late, and today's blog is going to be late as well. We'll get back on track tomorrow I think.

Two-thirds of the way through this challenge now and things are pretty much cruising right along. Biggest issue at the moment is probably sleep, but I don't see that as a huge issue. I get plenty of hours of sleep, I wake up naturally most of the time, and my sleep quality is generally good. I got 8 hours and 5 minutes of sleep, with a sleep quality of 83%. Luckily I woke up and my eyes were back to normal. I hate having my eyes dilated, because it's a whole day of suffering for two minutes of exam. It's irritating.

For breakfast I had a hamburger and salad, and for dinner salmon with veggies.

It was also snowing pretty heavily so I took the opportunity to shovel the driveway. Of course it was covered again in no time at all, but it was nice to get out there and move around a bit.

Anyways, I'll probably have the blog for today, day 21, up tomorrow morning at some point, so keep checking back.

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