Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day Six

Another late night. This is becoming a bit of a bad habit. Got 8 hour and 9 minutes of sleep, with a sleep quality rating of 90%. Found waking up, or at least getting up, difficult to do this morning, though I haven't really been all that tired throughout the day.

For breakfast, or lunch, a friend and I went out, and I got a shrimp and spinach salad that was delicious. For dinner I had some chicken. I've also started craving snacks. As I said when I started out, I had been a bit too lenient over the holidays in terms of what I ate. I didn't go overboard I don't think, but it did ingrain some bad habits. So now my body wants to snack. So to head this off I picked up some soy free beef jerky to munch on whenever the mood strikes me. I would normally just turn to almonds for a snack, but since I'm doing the autoimmune protocol nuts are off the table.

Not really much else to report on today, as nothing has really happened and I haven't done much.

See you tomorrow.

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