Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day Seventeen

Went to bed early last night like I suspected that I would, and ended up getting 9 hours and 48 minutes of sleep, with a sleep quality of 95%. Had a weird dream, but it felt pretty good nonetheless. I felt much more awake today. Tried to buy a new fan though, but nobody was selling them. I suppose since it's cold out they think that nobody wants to buy them, but I need a fan to be able to sleep and I'd like one that doesn't make so much noise.

Since I still had some of the Doctor Who audio adventure left to go I figured I'd do another mile on the treadmill today. I still prefer walking outside, but it was still way too cold. Reading Mark Sisson's post today made me want to get out and sprint, but, again, way too cold. I need to find a place to do my sprints in the winter, because doing them outside, especially in this crazy cold, is not really working out for me.

Hamburger and big salad for breakfast, and pork tenderloin with asparagus for dinner.

Also got in my 10 decline push-ups this morning. I'm not sure the exact number of times you have to do something for it to be an ingrained habit, but it certainly feels like I'm getting there.

Thanks for reading.

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